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Take a Free Safe Ride Home from Area Restaurants and Taverns

Adults who happen to consume too much cheer throughout the year at more than 100 area restaurants and taverns in Marathon County can take advantage of the Safe Ride Home program if they suddenly find themselves unable to legally drive or without a designated driver. Upon request, participating taverns and restaurants provide a voucher for a free cab ride home anywhere in Marathon County. The Last Call Safe Ride Home program began 23 years ago and since then has provided more than 67,500 safe rides home.

“We want customers to celebrate responsibly,” said Kim Fischer, president of Central Beer Distributors in Rothschild. “The Safe Ride Home program works very well throughout the entire year and can help prevent needless accidents. People should know about it.”

Fischer’s father, Dean Schmalz, worked with the Miller Brewing Company, the Marathon County Tavern League, local tavern owners including Rod Fisher and Jim Treu and area cab services to establish Wisconsin’s second Safe Ride voucher program in 1993 (the first was in Dane County). Marathon County’s program eventually served as a model for Miller Beer distributors all over the U.S. according to Fischer.

Today, Marathon County’s Safe Ride Home program is operated and supported by The Marathon County Tavern League and its members. Financial support to pay for the free cab rides is generated through the organization’s various fundraising events, the Tavern League of Wisconsin and contributions from several breweries, beer distributors, restaurants and tavern owners.